When Janie the beagle walked into her play yard at doggie daycare, she was carrying some big ideas inside of her beagle head. Luckily her other beagle buddies, Ollie, Happy, Henry, Dori and Charlie were also there. Janie wanted to share her ideas with the other beagles.

Janie is a dog who loves all dogs, and people too. However, her beagle friends understand her the most. Janie’s ideas were about opening up a Beagles and Cream Cheese bagel restaurant. She thought that this cute name would really bring in the business, especially those folks who have beagles at home.

Charlie and Henry thought it was a great idea, but Dori, Ollie and Happy were just a little bit unsure. They were concerned about the water filter media that would be needed for the restaurant. Janie told them that she had it all figured out. There was no problem.

Just two months later, these six business-minded beagles opened up a successful bagel restaurant.